I wanted it to be a global school that everyone could access via social media, with the help and cooperation and partnering with other groups who follow similar goals. Even though we may have differing opinions, I believe we all have the same collective goal, in the end namely that of sharing free information and education around this topic.  

I will be travelling the world for the next couple of years, and I will be sharing my journey on YouTube and other Social media. I hope that now, because of new developments in the cryptocurrency economy, and because of all of you members who have shaped me with your knowledge, that we will achieve our goal - should each individual decide to participate.  

You gave hope, not only to me as an individual, but to people around the world, and you gave them the chance to change the future for a collective goal. It is your knowledge sharers and discussants who are the heroes in this story. I’ll be showing what the everyday life of a crypto enthusiast is like on YouTube, so I’m playing the part of the guide, by doing the things I enjoy in life the most: connecting with like-minded people around the globe. And I will take anyone who wants to join me on a virtual walk around this (Neighbourhood / New World Economy) we call Home, to show how, by educating people for free on a neutral basis and being transparent as an Educational Channel, can become whatever the community members want it to be.  

To be transparent and neutral, I made this a non-profit and a non-commercial use project, so that the real value proves itself through what we learn out of this experiment. There are so many different opinions out there, and so much opposing information, which can lead to confusion, and make it hard for people to judge for themselves because they don’t know the full picture yet– just fragments of it from someone else’s point of view. This creates more questions than answers, so through this project, I hope that everyone can collectively educate everyone else, in order to establish further understanding into cryptocurrencies and new technologies developed in this area.  

So yes I give my flesh and blood for this project so everybody has the opportunity to participate in it as a collective goal we all have even with our differences. Its 2018 now, and we all saw what and how cryptocurrencies evolved across 2017, it’s now reached the public, and so hopefully we can now deliver the supply of knowledge through this channel, through this, and partnering with every other person who follows this vision, I hope that the way we trust will change. I don’t believe we need trust anymore because we live in a new time of technology which doesn't care who you are or your race, nationality or religion: it's borderless and instant and accessible for everybody for free. Confusion and irresponsible actions by individuals or groups can be limited depends on how many people know what the current problem in the communities is and not just assume what it might be, to find a solution together and solve the issue because it is still in its infant phase and no new economy grew overnight that just never happened, ever.  

We have the potential to make a change, not just for ourselves, but also for generations to come. And hopefully, we can clean up our own mess we created in the first place so they won’t have to. In my opinion, we need to close the knowledge gap for free, by working together just as technology has brought cultures together and changed the way we understand one another, mostly for the better. And I hope to spread this hope as far as it can get, and with the help of each and every person who likes and participates in this Vision, I can spread my hope further!  

So, Thank You!  

With all my love and hope,  

Your Crypto Nomad